Tuesday, March 11, 2014

35 Weeks Pregnancy Frustrations And Blessings

I haven't been up to posting much these past few months.  Part way through my pregnancy I started having some issues with my blood pressure spiking up.  It seemed that my body just isn't responding to stresses as well as it used to.  A sign of getting older I guess

Some times when my bp was checked it would be very high, but after resting for a little while it would be fine.  I had thought it was because of a long stressful day and the kids driving me crazy. lol  So I was advised by my wonderful midwives to R&R as much as I can.  I've been trying to take it as easy as I possibly can.  Funny though that the very next day in Jan. that started a slew of frozen water pipes and other break downs.  Oh yes that made it so easy to relax. LOL!!

At my last appointment I had just turned 35 weeks and my bp was still reading high.  It's not high enough yet that a Dr. would treat me for high bp, but it's high enough that my midwives don't want me to deliver this baby at home.  It's so frustrating after having a stressful hospital birth with our first then four wonderful home births that I won't be able to do that again.  But at least so far my bp doesn't require transfer to a Dr. and I can deliver with my midwives at the hospital birthing center.  The main reason for delivering in the hospital is a worry about preeclampsia developing during labour.  So far other then my bp spiking I have no symptoms of it.  Praying it stays that way!

I've started taking a high dose of calcium that is suppose to help lower blood pressure.  Also a stress B vitamin mix and cod liver oil now that my tummy has finally calmed down.  Morning sickness lasted almost all the way through this pregnancy just like it did with my first one.  Still my midwives don't think my bp would go down to completely normal by the time of the birth.  So we'll be having a natural induction at the birth center.

I have to say I've been a big mix of emotions the past few days over this.  Trying to find someone who can watch the kids while we are at the hospital.  A problem we've never had to deal with before since I normally give birth at night and at home when the kids were sleeping.  Trying to calm my nerves about being in a place that isn't my home etc.

On the other hand I'm so grateful that my bp and health in general isn't worse than it is and that the wee baby is doing great!!  Also that so far unless my health gets worse (praying it gets better!) I'll still be able to use my wonderful midwives.

So just a little over 3 weeks to go now!  We are still busy trying to get everything ready for the wee ones arrival.

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