Back To Basics Living Bundle And A Bonus For You

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I’m so excited to something with you! You’ve probably heard me talking about The Back To Basics Living Bundle. I really recommend it because it’s got over 70 resources that I know you’ll love, and it’s a amazing deal.

Save 96% on a huge library of homesteading and simple living resources! Gardening, homesteading, food preservation, DIY and more. :

But there’s more. I have a resource in this bundle!

In a hurry? Buy the Back To Basics Living Bundle here!

The bundle includes my Pantry & Food Preservation Planner.

I am so honored to be in such good company. Hopefully, you’ve had a minute to take a look at some of the other authors who have put their resources in this bundle. I’m truly blessed and so excited to be included.

And I’m so excited for you to get such a huge discount on my Pantry & Food Preservation Planner. You might think I’m crazy for almost “giving it away”. After all, most of you know how hard I worked on it. But here is the thing, I’m not doing this to get rich or famous, you probably already know that. I really want to help people, that’s all I’ve ever wanted to do. All the authors in this bundle do to. That’s why Jennifer and Bill (the Back To Basics Living Bundle Team) put this bundle together. We all want to help you live a healthier, simpler, be prepared for anything lifestyle.

Back to Basics Living Bundle Covers |

I’m hoping to reach as many people as I can by putting my Pantry planner in this bundle, and the other authors are doing the same. We all want to help! That’s what makes this Bundle concept so unique and such a great deal for you.

There is another favourite book of mine in this bundle. My good friend Marie at Just Plain Living has included her cookbook A Cabin Full Of Food. This cookbook is a must have for anyone wanting to cook natural foods grown from their garden or bought locally. Seriously it’s one of my favourite cookbooks.

Learn more about the Back To Basics Living Bundle here

Bonus Printables From Me!

I’m so excited to share something else with you to. As a bonus I’ve created 2 brand new Farmhouse style chalkboard printables. These are so new I haven’t even added them to my shop yet! ( value $13) If you buy the Back to Basics Living Bundle through my link let me know and I will send you the download links to your special free bonus!

Would you like a peek at my bonuses?

Farmhouse style printable "Gather" bonus for Back to Basics Living bundle sale. |

Welcome to our home farmhouse style chalkboard printable. Bonus for Back to Basics Living sale. |

If bought separately my Pantry planer, Marie’s Cabin Full of Food book and my bonus printables alone add up to almost the full price of the bundle. So you can see what an amazing deal this is to get 70 top quality resources and bonuses for one low price.

You can check out all the resources included in the Back To Basics Living Bundle here.

Back To Basics Living Bundle Sale |


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Kim Mills is a homeschooling mom of 6 and lives on an urban homestead in Ontario, Canada. Blogging at Homestead Acres she enjoys sharing tips to help you save money, grow and preserve your own food.

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