Blogging Resources

Disclosure: This page contains affiliate links to products that I love and use.

Blogging isn't always easy but finding the right tool for the job makes things so much easier! Here you will find products and courses I use to keep my sanity managing multiple blogs, while we run our homestead and raise a large family.

Blog and Website Security

blog security


Knowone wants their WordPress blog to be hacked. Believe me it is a nightmare to go through!

After trying out many services I fell in love with using Sucuri to protect my blogs and websites. It's so easy to use and their customer support goes above and beyond to help you too.

They will clean your hacked site quickly and offer rock solid tools from preventing your blog from hackers all at a great price.

This is my must have blogging security tool! Click here to learn more.

Blog and Social Media Schedulers

CoSchedule - The #1 Marketing Calendar


Do you struggle with planning and scheduling your blog posts and social media posts? I used to until I started using CoSchedule.

​CoSchedule is a easy to use, powerful editorial and marketing calendar for your blog. I take advantage of the custom template options to quickly schedule months of social media posts.

This is my must have blogging tool! Click here to start your free trial or here to see how I use their templates and tags to save me time.​

Tailwind Visual Marketing Suite


Do you find keeping up with Pinterest hard? I love using Tailwind to quickly schedule my posts. They also have amazing analytics to help you make the most of your pinning strategy.

Click here to start your free trial.

Blog Hosting & Design

Web Hosting


Hosting is the most important part of running your blog! I have had to change hosts so many times over the years because of lack of customer support and problems with their servers.

Since I switched to SiteGround I've been so happy. Their customer support is amazing and they really help to keep your site up and running.

It's also very affordable you can start your blog for as low as $3.95 a month!

StudioPress Premium WordPress Themes

Genesis Framework & StudioPress Themes

Finding the right theme for your blog makes a big difference in how easy to use your site is, both for you and your readers.

I love the Genesis Framework and the beautiful, high quality themes from StudioPress.

Click here to see all of the available WordPress themes.




Sending newsletters can be challenging enough as it is. Since I started blogging I've used many different services. Once I found MailerLite I knew I had found the perfect newsletter service for me. I now use it on all of my websites.

They have amazing customer service, many newsletter templates, easy drag and drop editing, automations, and many newsletter sign up forms. They even have stand alone landing pages!

They are the most feature rich newsletter service I've found that also has a forever free plan for up to 1000 subscribers.

Click here to check out MailerLite!

Graphics & Photography

Stock Images


I love to take my own photos but sometimes you just can't get the image you need.

Maybe it's winter and you need a spring flower photo that you forgot to take last year. Are you working on a new book and can't wait for a season to pass to get your photos?

I love using Depositphotos to find just the right image when I need it. They have an amazing selecting and great prices.


Making beautiful images for your blog and social media is such an important part of blogging.

It's just as important to be able to make these images fast! I love that Stencil has so many ready to use templates for social media. They even have a browser extension so you can make a quick image without going to their site if your in a hurry.

Check out Stencil here.


Editing images shouldn't be a chore. That's where PicMonkey comes in!

If you need to edit graphics and need something that is simple, easy to use and still powerful check out PicMonkey with there free trial.

Nikon D5500 DX-format Digital SLR w/ 18-55mm VR II Kit (Black)


Nikon D5500

I'm often asked what camera do I use to take my photos and videos with.

For years I used an inexpensive Canon point and shoot camera and my cell phone for photos and making videos. But I wasn't happy with the quality.

Finally, last year I was able to upgrade to a DSLR and I love it! I use the Nikon D5500 and it's perfect for what I need. Compact, easy to grab and go but takes great photos and video.

Check it out here.

Online Stores & Course Platforms


Do you want to start selling your own courses? Having the right platform to host and sell it on helps you make it successful.

Thinkific is a great platform to use to sell your own courses.

Get started for FREE here.



I've tried so many different online shopping carts to run my stores. After many frustrations with other sites SendOwl has become my favourite!

It is so easy to setup and offers so many features without being overwhelming.

Click here to try SendOwl for free.

Blogger Training & Courses

Pajama Affiliates

Pajama Affiliates

It isn't easy to find high quality and affordable blog training is it?

That's why I'm so excited to share with your one of my favourite blogging and marketing training resources. Pajama Affiliates!

They have many excellent courses on how to do keyword research, improve your SEO, and find your target readers all in plain easy to understand english!

Check out the popular course How to Write a Post that Converts Sales.

Blog Traffic Bonus Guide

Adventures in Blogging

If your looking for tips to grow your traffic using Pinterest and SEO you need to check out the courses from Adventures in Blogging!

I love how easy these are to understand as they walk you step by step through each process. Her Traffic Transformation Guide shows you how she grew her blog from 17k to 400k pageviews in just 10 months!

Click here to get your free Blog Traffic Bonus Guide.