Fall Is In The Air ~ Fire Wood & Gardens

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Sorry that I have been AWOL this past week!  The week before the kids came down with some icky virus, then of course it hit momma to!  When I get sick it seems to drag on for a long time, so I’m moving slow.  Oh well, one step at a time!

The weather the past few weeks has been very cool and rainy.  Really it has felt more like October!  Just a few days ago we had the wood stove burning all day.  Yes the wood stove was burning in early AUGUST!  It sounds crazy to say that.


Our fire wood has been delivered.  We ordered another huge truckload of slab wood, I think it works out to be about 11 cords.  We also have a huge pile of apple and willow wood we are splitting and stacking.  Yes I said willow. LOL  We were given it for free a few years ago and when it’s dry it burns just fine.  We use it in the early fall and late spring when you don’t need quite as much heat from the stove.  Then we bartered work for a few cords of good maple wood to use over night.  So we have been busy working to get this all stacked.  We are making a dent in it slowly!

The cold weather I mentioned has gone, at least for the next week.  I miss it already!  Today it was back in the high 20’s C and humid.  The humidity for the next week or so is going to make it feel like it’s in the 30’s again.  Ack!  I was really enjoying some of the cool weather!

IMG_2207 The cabbage is starting to form nice heads and the corn cobs are starting to develop.  They were set back from the long cold June.  But if the weather stays nice we should have a nice harvest.  Actually the corn has grown even more since I took this photo last week.


How is the weather in your area?  How is your garden growing?


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