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chickenLast week we still had snow, yes I said snow in April.  One night our temperatures went down to –15C, that is really crazy for this time of year!  We were lucky to be able to visit with friends and brought their sweet Orpington chickens back to them.   Then we picked up some more hens to add to our flock.  They are a dual purpose red hen.  We already have some birds like this and find them to be great egg layers.  I think these ones are a bit prettier then our other red hens though.  These ones have a bit of white in the feathers to.  I don’t think they were very impressed with seeing snow for the first time.


Our weather really warmed up this week and I was happy to see the rhubarb has come up.  This one plant always seems to come up before the others do each year.  It’s strawberry rhubarb, is it normally an earlier variety then traditional rhubarb is?


We planted our first bed of onions to, it feels so good to get back to working outside.  This bed has about 1000 onions sets in it planted in the square foot method.  There is a mixture of Spanish onions, red onions and Dutch white onions.

We still have my multiplier onions and more white onions to get planted this week.


We also had 3 good litters of bunnies born!


One of the more exciting things to happen this week is our chicks are hatching!  This little fella was the first one to hatch and was still very wet when I took this photo.  As of right now there are 2 more chicks in the process of picking their way out of their shells.  Our kids are so excited!!  This has been an amazing project for them to help with.

What’s happening on your homestead?


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