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In The Greenhouse This Week |

This past week has been just lovely weather during the day.  Our nights are still quite cold hovering around 0 C.  So we still need to make sure to heat the greenhouses at night.  Thankfully I think we are past needing to run the heaters during the day now.

Hubby’s been busy expanding the 3rd greenhouse we build last summer.   Now it’s 12 x 6 feet in size and much more usable!  Now as soon as we can build the shelves for it I can work at filling it up.  It’s not a moment to soon either!  Both of our other greenhouses are packed with flats of vegetable seedlings and I’m quickly running out of room.


This is our 2nd greenhouse and it’s filled with tomatoes!  In this one I’ve planted prairie pride, Manitoba, beefsteak and a few other specialty types that I can’t remember the name of right now.  Finally this week the prairie pride started to germinate so the rest should follow along in the next few days.


I’m trying something new this year, celeriac.  I read that the germination for celeriac seed was less then 50% so I decided to plant them all together in a small tray.  Once they get their first set of true leaves I will carefully transplant them into small cups.



Tom Thumb lettuce is doing very well.  Since I took this photo earlier in the week it’s doubled in size.  I hope to either get it planted in one of the greenhouses or under a plastic cold frame in the garden this week.



So far I’m really happy with the King of the North peppers.  They are growing much faster then all of the other pepper varieties we have started this year.  Some will be transplanted into the greenhouse soon.  The others will need to be put into larger pots.  With our zone 5 season we can’t plant peppers out in the garden until the end of May to early June.



My Swish Chard is coming a long very well!  I would love to get this into the garden in the next week or so as well.  I’m hoping our nice weather pattern holds although we are hearing that s word (snow) for the next few days.  Ack, winter go away already!  Out in the main garden our spinach and radishes germinated in the cold frame.  I love this time of year, not much longer and everything will be blooming and the garden turns into a beloved grocery  store in arms reach.

How is your garden growing?  Are you trying anything new this year?


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