Renovations, Rain & Snow

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It’s been a busy few weeks around the little homestead.  Over all October has been warmer then normal, but most days we have had a lot of rain.  All the extra dampness sure makes it feel colder!  Last week we had a few days of snow.  I have to admit it was soooo pretty!  The kids were super excited and can’t wait for winter to come and stay for a while.


Compared to family and friends a little further away we really got off light with the snow.  Some had a foot of heavy wet snow.  My kids would have been thrilled with that!

We had some nicer weather this week and really enjoyed a day out yesterday.  This morning we woke up to heavy rain and it’s suppose to keep up all day.  Although we really don’t celebrate Halloween, I can almost hear all the sighs and sadness for all the little kids wanting to go out tonight, and the weather is so miserable!

One little project the kids helped with yesterday was to pick the pole bean seed pods that had finished drying.  Then this morning they had fun shelling them all.  We will have lots of yellow pole bean seeds for spring!  We still have to finish the bush beans.  Hubby also picked the best cobs of corn we left for seed.  I have to say we are really impressed with the Evergreen Sweet corn!  Hubby was snacking on a fresh cob not long ago and said it still tasted great.  Any other corn would have long dried out and lost its sweetness by now.

We are also renovating again.  We had been planning to put in new floors in the downstairs this fall.  We had picked out the laminate flooring we were going to order, when hubby found a much better deal.  Since we have the same taste I told him to go a head and pick it up.  It was way cheaper, but still a good quality product and I LOVE it.  It’s a darker wood and nice wide boards.  Before we install that hubby wanted to finish a bit of dry wall work.  Makes good sense, no need to scratch the new floors up with other renos.  So far he’s ripped down the last old plaster wall in the kitchen and almost finished putting up the new drywall.  We still want to repaint the downstairs, then we can do the floors.

Humm I think Hubby is nesting to!


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