Snow Storm & Maple Syrup

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There have been many huge bangs the past few days as ice and snow are melting and falling off the roof.  Maybe spring is coming? lol  We had a really good snowstorm recently that left us with a few feet of new snow.  But not nearly as bad as a nearby town, who’s snowbanks hubby says is almost as big as the houses!  I hear we might be in for another storm tomorrow night and Wednesday.  How bad it will be depends on the temperatures, at least according to the weatherman.  We will either be bombed with rain or snow!  Either is ok with me, I just hope it’s not more freezing rain.  Our last thaw we had a few inches of ice and slush everywhere.  When that froze and was covered in snow it was nasty moving around.  No surprise that last week we had 2 or 3 snow days for the local schools and closed roads again.

We had a small order of firewood delivered last week to, or I think it was last week. lol  Hmm I seem to not be keeping track of my days very well.  That happens when every day is gray and stormy and looks the same!   We had a cord of hardwood delivered, we use this mostly overnight.  That monster pile of slab wood we had delivered back in the summer was getting low.  I think this past year was the first time we started burning the woodstoves full time in September.  Otherwise we wouldn’t have been getting low this time of year.

But some good news with the warmer temperatures starting, we’ll be tapping our maple tree soon. 🙂  I can’t wait for fresh maple syrup!  I’m hopping to make snow taffy with the kids this year.



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