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Birdhouse Planter: Easy DIY Planter Box

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Looking for a super cute DIY planter box idea? This birdhouse planter is so easy to make and perfect for your flowers and herbs!

Planter on a fence post with flowers. Text overlay says Cute DIY Birdhouse Planter.

This cute birdhouse planter box has become one of my favourite garden planters. It all started a few years ago when my daughter and hubby secretly made me one for Christmas.

We’ve loved them so much that he’s been making them ever since!

If you would love an easy DIY project that adds some country cuteness to your deck, fence, or backyard you just have to try making a few of these birdhouse planter boxes.

Don’t miss the printable version at the end of the tutorial.

Material List

Materials For Trim (optional)

  • 1 – 2×4 @ 2 feet to make the shingles and trim listed below
  • 48–55 wooden shingles (make your own or you can buy ready made shingles for dollhouses)
  • 4–6’ of trim
  • Wood glue (outdoor hot glue for wood works best!)

Cut List

  • Cut 2 pieces 21” long for the sides
  • Cut 1 piece 27 long for the base
  • Cut 4 pieces 8 1/4” long for the front and backs of the birdhouse
  • Cut 2 pieces 5” long for the roof
  • Cut 2 pieces 5 1/2” long for the other roof side
Birdhouse planter parts.

How To Make A Birdhouse Planter Box

Step 1

Cutting the roof angles.

Take the birdhouse front and back pieces and cut two 45 degree angles on one end to form a peak with your chop saw.

Step 2

Drilling the hole.

The next step is to make the holes for the birdhouses.

Take 1 of the front pieces and measure down 3 3/4” from the center of the roof point, this will be the center of the hole. Using a 1 1/4” saw drill bit make the hole.

Then repeat for the 2nd front piece.

Step 3

Sand all the pieces and the inside of the birdhouse hole.

Step 4

Nailing the planter roof together.

The next step to assembling the birdhouse planter box is to attach the roof pieces together.

Take one of the 5” roof pieces and one of the 5 1/2” roof pieces and place the edges together as shown in the photo. Nail them together on each corner.

Step 5

Measuring for the face piece.

Now you need to attach the outer edges of the face of the birdhouse piece to the base.

Measure back 3 inches from the edge of the base and mark it with a line.

Attaching the birdhouse face to the base of the planter box.

Start 2 screws along the marked line, then while holding the birdhouse front to the base finish screwing them together.

Repeat on the other end.

Step 6

Attaching the back of the birdhouse to the planter base.

Now it’s time to add the back piece of the birdhouse. Measure back 3 1/2 inches from the front piece and mark and attach the base using the same method you used to attach the front piece.

Repeat on the other end.

Step 7

Placing the side boards on.

With the planter laying on its side, lay the side boards over the top as shown.

Attaching the sides.

Nail the side board to the birdhouse front pieces with 3 nails.

It’s not necessary to nail into the back piece of the birdhouse as it is held together by the roof and floor base when fully assembled. That way the nails won’t be visible on the sides.

Repeat the steps to add the second side board.

Step 8

Making the planter roof.

Turn the birdhouse planter right side up. Then place the roof onto of the birdhouse.

Line it up so that the roof overlaps the back wall by about a 1/4 inch.

Nail the roof down into the birdhouse with 2 nails on each side.

Birdhouse planter box finished before adding trim.

Now the basic birdhouse planter box is finished! You can use it as is or add some trim and decorations to make it look really cute.

How To Trim Your Birdhouse Planter Box

We make our own mini wooden shingles for our birdhouses and other projects. They are really easy to make! I’ll have a full tutorial online soon but it’s also included in the printable version of the birdhouse planter.

If you would rather buy ready made shingles the ones made for dollhouses will work well! They come in a variety of shapes and styles.

Dollhouse Miniature Unfinished Pine Square Butt ShinglesDollhouse Miniature Unfinished Pine Square Butt ShinglesLeafware Dollhouse Shingles 1.5x.75 400/Pkg-RectangularLeafware Dollhouse Shingles 1.5x.75 400/Pkg-RectangularDollhouse Miniature Unfinished Pine Octagon-Butt ShinglesDollhouse Miniature Unfinished Pine Octagon-Butt Shingles

Adding Wood Shingles

Adding shingles to a birdhouse planter roof.

Start by taking your wood shingles and lining up the first one so it slightly overlaps the front edge by a 1/4 inch.

Attach all the shingles on the outer edge with 2 finishing nails for extra strength. The shingles on the inside only need 1 nail.

Birdhouse planter roof row 1.

Add 3 more shingles access the bottom layer as shown.

How to start the second row of shingles.

To start the 2nd row of shingles you will need a half piece.

Find a shingle that has a straight grain and break or cut it down the centre.

Attach it along the outside edge overlapping the first row. So it covers the nail holes.

Birdhouse planter roof row 2 done.

Finish the 2nd row by adding 2 more full-size shingles and end it with 1 more half piece.

Birdhouse planter with one roof side compleated.

The 3rd row of shingles is 4 full-size pieces the same as the 1st row was done.

When you have finished the first side of the birdhouse roof, repeat the same pattern on the 3 remaining roof sides.

Adding Trim

Cutting trim for roof edge.

Taking the thin trim strips place it up to the back edge of the birdhouse cut it to fit as shown with a 45-degree angle on each end.

Front trim added.

Nail it into the back of the birdhouse.

Repeat on the remaining front and back sides of the birdhouses.

Nailing on roof trim.

Now it’s time to add the trim to the roof. Measure and cut the trim so it covers the top layer of shingles and nail it to the roof. Repeat 4 times to form the roof peak on both birdhouses.

Adding tiny wooden logs to the front.

To add some extra cuteness take some thicker branches and cut them into rounds 2 inches long. Then split the rounds into 4 long pieces so they look like tiny firewood logs.

Nail them down into the base in front of the birdhouse.

Add A Perch

Adding a perch.

If you would like to add a perch to the birdhouse. Cut a nice sized branch ( you can also use a wooden dowel ) and drill a hole close to the diameter of the stick.

Fill the hole with a good quality hot glue for wood and place the sick inside. Repeat for the other birdhouse.

Birdhouse planter filled with white and red flowers. Text overlay says Super Cute Planter Box.

Making your own wooden planter box is easy to do and these just look so cute on your deck or fence.

When you make one I’d love to see it! Be sure to tag me on Instagram @homesteadacres

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