How To Get Rid Of Tent Caterpillars

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You’re here because tent caterpillars are eating your trees right?  I’m not surprised caterpillars are a big pest for trees and especially fruit trees. 

A large nest of tent caterpillars can quickly defoliate your trees, but don’t worry I have a very easy way to kill the caterpillars in your trees that uses just ONE easy ingredient you have in your home right now.

If your trees are larger and more mature the damage the caterpillars will do normally won’t kill your tree.  Healthy trees will simply grow back a new set of leaves.  This will still cause the tree stress and possibly the loss of its blossoms and of course means you’ll also lose your fruit harvest.

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However, if your trees are younger the stress of losing their leaves can really set back their growth or worse yet, kill the tree.

I remember when our apple trees were younger.  The first year they started to produce well we had a large infestation of tent caterpillars.  It seemed like they lost their leaves overnight and the stress caused them to drop all of the young apples that had just started to form.  We lost our apple harvest that year and I knew I never wanted to let that happen again.

I found a way to organically kill the tent caterpillars in our trees and I can’t wait to share it with you so you can protect your trees too!

But, before I share that with you click here to learn some important things about these caterpillars you need to know.

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