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How To Make A Pop Bottle Watering Can

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Do you enjoy simple, budget-friendly gardening projects? If so, you’ll love this idea of turning a plastic bottle into a useful DIY pop bottle watering can.

This project is not only super easy and quick, but it’s also a great way to save money. Plus, it’s perfect for watering seedlings or indoor houseplants.

While empty pop bottles are our go-to choice, you can also use water bottles or even empty milk jugs if you need a larger watering can. Just make sure it’s a food-grade plastic bottle, and you’re good to go!

Why a Bottle Watering Can is Helpful

If you’re looking for a way to put those empty plastic bottles to good use a homemade watering can is a simple and practical use.

Gentle Water Flow For seedlings

One of the best things about using a pop bottle watering can is how gentle it is on your little seedlings. The tiny holes in the cap create a soft, controlled stream that’s just perfect for your young plants.

No more worrying about washing away soil or harming your young seedlings with a heavy stream of water.

Selective Watering

Have you ever noticed that some seedlings in a flat seem to dry out faster than others? I find this happens a lot whether our seedlings are under indoor light sets or in the greenhouse.

With this watering can, you can easily water just the cells that need it, without accidentally overwatering the rest.

Easier Handling

These bottle watering cans are lighter in weight than most traditional watering cans, and I find them easier to hold, especially for those with limited hand mobility.

I have problems bending my hands to hold the narrow handle of watering cans. Especially the ones made for indoor use. But I can easily hold these bottles to water my plants.

Watering seedlings with a plastic soda bottle. Text overlay says Easy DIY Pop Bottle Watering Can!

Great For Kids

A pop bottle watering can is perfect for little hands! It’s lightweight, easy to hold, and kids spill a lot less water when using these.

You can even have your kids paint or decorate the bottles with stickers for a cute spring activity.

Materials Needed:

  • Empty plastic pop bottle with cap (2-liter or 710 ml work well)
  • Nail or screw
  • Hammer or drill

How To Make A Pop Bottle Watering Can

Clean And Dry The Bottle

Wash and rinse out your empty pop bottle thoroughly to ensure it’s clean. You don’t want any sugar or residues left that could cause mold growth or damage your plants.

Make The Holes

Marking drill holes on the bottle lid.

Start by marking a pattern of dots on the lid of the bottle. This will make it much easier to make your holes.

Drilling holes into a pop bottle lid.

Grab your drill or a hammer and nail, and carefully make 4-5 small holes in the bottle cap in a pattern, spaced about 1/4 inch apart.

Tips For Using It

Watering a tray of seedlings indoors with a DIY bottle watering can.

Fill your mini watering can with water, screw the cap back on, and gently tip it over to water your plants.

If you find that the water flow isn’t quite right for your plants, you can always adjust it by using more or fewer holes in the bottle cap.

When we are starting seedlings in the spring we always keep one of these bottle waters near the light sets. This makes it so easy to spot water the dry cells as needed.

With just a few simple steps, you’ve created your own functional and cheap pop bottle watering can. Not only does this DIY project save you money, but it also helps to repurpose plastic bottles.

Watering plants with a bottle. Text overlay says How To Make Bottle Watering Cans Step by Step!
Collage image, top is marking dots on a bottle lid, bottom watering plants with a plastic bottle. Text overlay says How To Make Bottle Watering Cans Quick and Easy.

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