Pink Popcorn So Pretty!

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Yesterday morning we went out to check our little patch of popcorn and found a lot of the stocks broken over.  It looked like the coons were trying to get at it!  So while I wanted to leave the corn a little longer before harvesting, I decided that I shouldn’t put it off any longer.  We had a bad year for growing corn in our area so I wasn’t expecting to get much.  I was happily surprised!  While many of the cobs were small they are still usable.

We grew a heirloom variety called Pink Popcorn that we bought from West Coast Seeds.  It’s suppose to produce cobs 5 to 6 inches long with kernels ranging from dark pink/red to mauve.

A few of the cobs grew that big and were filled nicely, but many were much smaller or didn’t finish growing.   pink popcornpink popcorn 

We are hanging them to finish drying in the summer kitchen and will save the best few cobs for next years seed.  I sure is very pretty!!  I hope it tastes as good as it looks.

Have you ever grown pink popcorn?


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