7 Ways Amazon Prime Is Worth It For Homesteaders

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7 Ways Amazon Prime Is Worth If For Homesteaders – Amazon Prime can really help if you live in the country and have to drive a long way for shopping. These are 7 reasons I love it to help run our homestead and online business.

Tips for saving money using Amazon Prime when you live in the country overlaid on a farm fence.

One question I hear often is, “Is Amazon Prime worth it if I’m a homesteader?”.

If you are anything like me, then yes I really believe that Amazon Prime is so helpful when you’re a homesteader.

See it’s one thing to make a quick trip to the store when you forgot to buy something when you live in town. I remember when we lived in a larger town it was just a 5 minute trip to the store.

But now it is at least a 30-minute drive to a small town with decent shopping. An hour away (each way) to a large town where there are better options. Oh, want a trip to Cosco? Well, that’s a 2-hour drive each way.

The more rural you live the more of your day gets taken up when you go shopping.

Oh, and don’t forget that almost all the store here are closed on Mondays!

Why? Because with the exceptions of Walmart and a few larger stores these are family owned business and they need to be able to go and do their errands too. So most take Mondays off.

Just one more thing, the smaller stores nearly all close by 5 pm. That doesn’t work very well when you are trying to fit in your shopping around your work schedule whether it’s on or off the farm.

So while I love supporting local stores and do when every possible sometimes it just makes more sense to shop online.

This is where Amazon Prime is a real timesaver.

7 Ways Amazon Prime Is Worth It For Homesteaders

1 Free Shipping

Free Two Day Shipping on eligible items. Yup, you can get free 2-day shipping on a huge number of items with no minimum order!

So often I would find my self-adding a “few extra” things to my order just so I could get free shipping. But with Amazon Prime, I can order just the items I want and not worry about the shipping cost.

Free Same Day Delivery on eligible items. Could it get any better than free shipping? Yes, it can!

If you are lucky enough to live in one of the postal codes (zip codes for my USA readers) then you can also get free same day delivery on your order!

Free 2 Hour Delivery! Do you need something really fast? Then you will love Amazon Prime’s free 2-hour delivery! This is available in select locations in the USA.

Free Release Date Delivery. Do you hate waiting in lines to buy a new book, appliance, or tech gadget when it’s newly released? I love that with Amazon Prime you can pre-order many items to be delivered to you on the release date!

2 Saves So Much Time!

As a business owner running a homestead, market garden, and multiple blogs I realize that time is important.

If something breaks down we need to replace it quickly and it’s not always available locally.

Living in a rural area it’s surprising how hard it is to buy many farming related items!

Take diatomaceous earth for example, yes I can find it for sale in small amounts in the garden area of some local stores. But it has additives that attract insects. I don’t want that!

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But I can buy small, medium or large bags of food grade diatomaceous earth on Amazon for our home, garden, and barn use anytime I need it.

What if one of your tools brakes? It could be as simple as a garden hoe, or your cordless drill. Both are very important tools on your homestead.

If one of ours broke right now, we can have a replacement here in 1-2 days with free delivery and at a better price then we can get locally.

We would save the time it takes to drive back and forth to the closest town (1 hour), the time it takes to go to multiple stores because the first one never has what you’re looking for! We would also save the gas cost which is high where we live.

So instead of going to town to try to find a replacement right away, we would have 2-3 hours of time saved to work on another project.

One more example of how shopping online can save us a lot of time…

Hubby took a trip to town to buy a specific size of screws for a project he was building. But when he got to the hardware store they were out of that size.

They said that they could order them in for him and it would take 3-4 days to arrive. So he went ahead and ordered. 4 days later when he went back to pick up the screws they still didn’t have them.

He was also told they weren’t going to be able to get them for him either because they’ve stopped selling that size of screws.

That was 5 days wasted on an important project! If he wants that size screws his only option now is to gamble on driving to the next largest town an hour each way or he can just order them online and have them in a day or two.

3 More Shopping Options

It’s not always about saving time, sometimes you just can’t get what you want locally.

I love to crochet, but there are no yarn stores near us. The closest one is a small specialty yarn shop an hour away. Yes, Walmart does sell yarn but our “local” ( 30 min. away) one doesn’t have a good selection.

Often there aren’t more than 1 or 2 balls of each color available and that just won’t do! If you’re a crafter you know just what I mean. 🙂

This is where Amazon really helps me out again. I can find a great selection of yarn at low prices and get it quickly!

But it’s not just about yarn Amazon is a great place to find so many homesteading and gardening supplies such as:

Those are just a few homesteading supplies that are hard to impossible to buy locally in our area.

4 Free Streaming

Do you enjoy watching TV but don’t want cable or expensive satellite options? These options might not be available to you if you are living in a rural area either.

Amazon Prime includes thousands of TV shows, movies and Prime originals that you can stream or download to your phone, tablet, computer or smart TV.

We love watching documentaries, and homestead related programs online!

5 Prime Music

Just keeps getting better, doesn’t it? Your subscription also includes Prime Music with millions of songs that you can stream or download to listen too offline.

Our rural area doesn’t get good radio reception so if we want to listen to more than 1 radio station then you need to use an online radio.

Enjoy listening to music while you work in the garden? This is perfect!

6 Audible Channels

This is a really cool feature that I wish was available in Canada! The Amazon Prime membership in the USA includes free Audible channels so that you can listen to audio books based on your interests.

7 Free Photo Storage

I love taking photos of my kids, gardens and all the fun things that happen around our homestead. It’s so important to me that these photos are safe!

With Amazon Prime, you can get free cloud backups for your photos.

These are just a few of the ways that Amazon Prime can help save you money and time when you live on a homestead.

See to me shopping online really doesn’t have anything to do with not supporting local stores. It’s about filling in the gap.

I love buying from local stores but they just aren’t always able to provide the products you need when you need them. If you are running a business whether it’s a homestead business or an online business you just can’t always put everything on hold when something is out of stock.

Don’t forget to check out everything available in your Amazon Prime membership and give it a try with a 30-day free trial!


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Kim Mills is a homeschooling mom of 6 and lives on an urban homestead in Ontario, Canada. Blogging at Homestead Acres she enjoys sharing tips to help you save money, grow and preserve your own food.

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