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DIY Snowy Mason Jar Luminaries (Quick & Easy)

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DIY Snowy Mason Jar Luminaries – Have fun making these easy snowy mason jar candle holders they are perfect for your Christmas holiday decor!

DIY Snowy Mason Jar Luminaries

Are you looking for a quick and easy Christmas craft?

Then you’re going to love these easy snowy mason jar luminaries!

These pretty candle holders look so beautiful when you use them as a table centerpiece or to decorate your mantel.

I love to sit and watch how the light flickers off the jars because coating them in a mixture of Epsom salts and silver glitter makes them look just like real snow. They are beautiful during the day when not lit and just as lovely at night as they glow.

I’ve used real tea lights in these jars and it works great. But my favourite thing to use are these battery powered flickering tea lights.


With kids and cats in my home, I love that I don’t have to worry about candle safety in my holiday decorations but I still get that beautiful flicker glow that real candles give off.

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How To Make Snow Mason Jar Luminaries


In a plastic container or shallow bowl combine 1 cup of Epsom salts and 1 to 1 1/2 tablespoons of silver glitter. Stir until it’s well combined.

This is enough of the mixture to coat a few jars, simply mix up more as needed.

Making snowy mason jar luminaries

Apply a thin layer of tacky glue over the mason jar. I find a foam brush like this works the best.

Make sure not to put the glue on too thick or it will start to run and drip, a thin layer is perfect. If your mason jar has a raised pattern or writing on it use a dabbing motion over that area to get the glue in-between the pattern pieces.

DIY snowy mason jars

Once the mason jar has been coated in glue roll it in the mixture of Epsom salts and glitter.

DIY Snowy Mason Jars Epsom Salts

To help coat the areas around the jar neck you can use a spoon to pour extra Epsom salts on. Don’t worry the excess will fall off easily.

Once the mason jar has been coated well place it onto some parchment paper to dry. It’s best to let the jars sit overnight to fully dry before the next step, but if you are in a hurry and use a quick-drying tacky glue you can get away with just a few hours of drying time.

DIY snowy mason jars

When the snowy mason jars have dried, spray them with a polyurethane sealer. This helps to keep the Epsom salts from falling off the jars.

Make sure to use one that is non-yellowing like this one so that your jars stay a pretty white over time.

Then set them back on the parchment paper until they are fully dry.

Now it’s time to have fun decorating your snowy mason jar luminaries! I picked some cedar clippings from our backyard, but you can use any kind of greenery you have. Even fake greens will work.

Snowy mason jars adding greens

Snowy Mason Jars With Greens

Cut the greens into small sections and attach to the top of the jar with a small dot of hot glue.

Snowy mason jars with twine bow.

Wrap a length of twine around the rim of the mason jar a few times and tie it into a bow.

Snowy Mason Jar Candle Holder

Now your pretty snowy mason jar luminaries are done! Just add a tea light and enjoy the warmth these mason jars bring to your holiday decor.

Quick and Easy Snowy Mason Jars

  • Judy says:

    Can you put a real votive candle inside?
    Thank you!

  • annette says:

    this does indeed look very quick and easy to do…. and they look quite nice! Have you tried colours other than silver?

    • Kim says:

      I’ve made a few with gold and red and they are pretty too! But if you want it to look more like snow then the silver is the best glitter color to use. 🙂

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