Full CoSchedule Review – Is It Really Worth It?

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It can be hard to keep your content calendar filled and your social media accounts active, right?

Organizing my editorial calendar and sharing posts on social media was something that I used to struggle with a lot.

Planning Blog And Social Media Content

Truthfully, this is something that most bloggers struggle with at one time or another. But what if there was a way to organize your blog posts, and make scheduling social media posts easy that could save you hours of work each week?

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3 years ago I was feeling overwhelmed trying to keep up with everything. It was taking me hours each week to plan posts, manually share posts on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ etc.

It wouldn’t take much to derail my efforts either. After all, I also help to run our homestead business, have a house full of little ones and homeschool.

So if someone got sick, or there was extra garden work to be done it was hard to find time to sit down and get posts outlined and schedule posts to my social media.

That’s when I decided to try using CoSchedule. I had been looking at this service on and off for years, I had friends who used it and loved it but I still hadn’t tried it out.

I had tried just about every online scheduler except CoSchedule and they just didn’t work well for my workflow. So I signed up for a 30 day free trial of CoSchedule and fell in love!

For me using CoSchedule just makes all my blogging related tasks so much easier.

What Is CoSchedule?

CoSchedule is an easy to use content calendar that integrates with WordPress, Google Docs, Evernote, Social Media, and so much more! I use it to plan my content and automate all of my social media.

Why Use CoSchedule?

As my blog began to grow I found myself struggling to keep up with planning content, and social media.

I love CoSchedule because it’s an all in one solution for organizing my blog.

Plan Your Blogs Content Calendar

CoSchedule lets you see the full overview of your content calendar, including all your upcoming posts and social media shares.

It integrates with WordPress so you can also see posts that you have scheduled in advanced.

Add Notes To Projects

CoSchedule has great notes feature that I use a lot. I’ll create a note for a post idea and then list any notes or outline ideas that I don’t want to forget.

I can drag this around on the calendar to plan my content in advance.

Creating Blog Posts

Did you know you can write your blog posts right in CoSchedule? You can do this even if you’re not using WordPress.

You just select the create a blog post option in your calendar, give it a name and then click the text editor option. Then you can write and format your blog post including images right in CoSchedule.

The CoSchedule headline analyzer is built into this too and will help score your blog post title for the best SEO ratings.

You also have the option to import from Google Docs and Evernote, link to other projects, add to-do tasks and get all your social media shares ready for this post in our planning window.

When it’s ready you can export the post as a PDF, HTML or convert it to a WordPress post. HTML is perfect if your blogging on a site like Blogger or Squarespace.

It’s an organizers dream, really!

CoSchedule Review is it worth the price

Scheduling Social Media Campaigns

One of the features I love the most about CoSchedule is how easy it is to created schedule social media posts.

You can make them in the CoSchedule app but I love to make them right in my WordPress post! See, CoSchedule has a great plugin for WordPress and it puts your calendar right inside your WordPress dashboard.

It also creates an area under each post in the edit window. Here you can create your social media post for that blog post.

It’s really easy to take a few minutes when I’m done writing a post to scroll to the bottom and set up my social media shares.

Easy Drag and Drop To Move Content

How many times have you scheduled a blog post for one day the following week only to have an issue that means you need to delay posting it.

It could be that your sponsored post hasn’t been approved yet, or that you just changed your mind about the order you wanted to post something.

This is another way CoSchedule makes blogging easy!

You can simply drag the post on your calendar to the new day you want it to post on. It will automatically move all the social messages that you had set up too!

This feature alone saves me so much time.

Automatic Re-sharing For Social Media Shares With ReQueue

Do you struggle to post to your social media accounts regularly?

This is where ReQueue groups on CoSchedule come in handy.

You can think of a ReQueue group like a bucket that you place social media posts into. CoSchedule will then use these posts to automatically fill in gaps in your calendar with these posts.

It also helps you to not forget to share older evergreen content.

This feature saves me a ton of time each week and is so easy to use!

CoSchedule Review - Using CoSchedule ReQueue

When you are scheduling a social post you simply click the box if you want to add it to your ReQueue.

CoSchedule Review - Using CoSchedule ReQueue

Then pick what ReQueue group you want it to go into if you are using more than one group.

You can also choose how often the same posts from each ReQueue group are sent out so that you aren’t flooding your social media accounts with the same post.

Run Multiple WordPress Blogs From One Calendar

CoSchedule - The #1 Marketing Calendar
I’ve been using CoSchedule for a long time and love that they made a change in how the subscription works.

It used to be you paid per Calendar and each Calendar could only be connected to 1 blog. But that’s all changed now!

With their Essential Plan, you can have multiple blogs on the same calendar plan. This has saved me so much money!

I’m running multiple blogs and trying to keep everything straight was so hard before I started using CoSchedule to organize everything.

CoSchedule Create Content Views

Tip: You can set create filters so that you can see content for just 1 blog at a time.

Just go to the “create new saved view” selection in the menu and click to add a filter.

Social Media Templates

Another feature that I love is the social media templates.

I use these to create “helpers” that are placeholders for content I use over and over again.

Say you create a template called “social shares” inside that you can place image helpers (placeholders) for your Pinterest image, Facebook image, Twitter image, Google+ image, Instagram image, etc.

Then you can also make social helpers for the text messages.

Do you want to share a post on Facebook with 3 different messages? Then make 3 Facebook text helpers. I do this for each social media site that I use.

Then I create a message schedule so that the post has a specific number of shares to Facebook, Twitter etc. On the 1st day, it’s shared, 2nd day etc.

The real time-saving part is that the social shares are auto-populated when I add the helper tags to the message!

So I don’t have to add the image or the text to each social media post over and over again. I just set up a template once and after that, it takes me 15 minutes or less to schedule months worth of social media shares for each post.

I love how this saves me so much time! I also add some of the messages to my ReQueue groups when I create them so I know they will keep being sent out even after my main Champaign is done.

CoSchedule Keeps Adding New Services

CoSchedule really wants to give users what they need and I love that about them.

This year they have added so many updates to their service that have helped me save time in my blogging.

They created a new Essential plan that is perfect for most bloggers and added the popular ReQueue feature to it! I used to pay for a plan for just 1 of my blogs that cost more then what I pay now and it didn’t have the ReQueue option.

Since they changed the plans I’ve been more productive and loving the new features available to me for all of my blogs.

Updated Calendar View

CoSchedule Review - CoSchedule Content Calendar

Ok, I liked their old calendar view but it was getting a little outdated looking. This year they did a huge update and made modern looking and simpler to use. The menu hides out of the way while your working but is just one click away when you need it.

List View

CoSchedule Content Calendar List View

A calendar is nice, but sometimes you just need a list to be able to see everything clearly. I love the new CoSchedule list view!

Now you can easily switch back and forth between views buy click a button right at the top of your calendar. The list view is perfect for when you want to focus on just 1 days work at a time without any distractions.

ReQueue Placeholder Groups

This is another big time saver!

Do you send out the same type of content on specific days?

Maybe you have a Facebook group and send out a social media share notice on Mondays. Perhaps you like to share an inspirational quote on Twitter or Instagram each Wednesday.

With the new ReQueue placeholder groups setting this up is really easy!

Just create the placeholder group, select the day and time you want it to send out and add your messages. Done!

Bulk Social Media Upload

Do you love working with spreadsheets?

You can easily create lots of social media shares in a spreadsheet and bulk upload them into your CoSchedule calendar!

So if you enjoy doing your writing and message creation offline this is a great way to upload months or even 1 year of content quickly.

More Integrations

CoSchedule is always adding more integrations to services bloggers love.

Do you use MailChimp, Constant Contact or active campaign for your newsletters? You can plan and write your newsletters in CoSchedule and send them into your newsletter service!

  • Google Docs – Do you like to write in Google Docs? CoSchedule integrates perfectly with it so you can import your Google Doc file and it converts it into HTML and WordPress blog post for you!
  • Evernote – Do you prefer to write in Evernote? You can easily add notes from Evernote as notes for your projects in CoSchedule and it will convert them to WordPress blog posts too!

They also integrate with Office 365, Asana, Trello and so many more helpful services.

Do You Need To Use WordPress To Use CoSchedule?

No, you don’t have to use WordPress to use CoSchedule!

Yes, CoSchedule integrates tightly with WordPress and that is a big help but there is still a huge advantage to using it if you are blogging on another platform like Blogger or Squarespace.

While you won’t be able to connect social media shares directly to your blog posts or drag and drop them around your content calendar, you can still create social messages for your blog posts. You create them as a new “Social Campaign” instead.

The one regret I have is that I didn’t start using CoSchedule sooner because when I had moved my sites to Blogger for a short time. I didn’t think the features would be worth it to me if I couldn’t have it tightly integrated with my blog posts.

But I was very wrong on that, I’ve been using CoSchedule for 3 years now and it saves me so much time creating blog posts and social media content!

How Much Does CoSchedule Cost?

The changes CoSchedule have done have made it even more affordable for bloggers to take advantage of these time-saving services.

CoSchedule Pricing

For most bloggers the Essential plan will be a perfect fit, this is the plan that I use to run multiple blogs from. This plan is $40 per month if paid annually, or $49 per month if paid monthly.

But if you do a review for CoSchedule you save 50% off your subscription! This brings the price down to $20 per month and is an amazing deal!

Honestly, I was paying the full price without as many features before they brought in the Essential plan and loved it.

This is the one blogging tool that I have used every day for 3 years and wouldn’t dream of giving it up.

Are you ready to try out CoSchedule? Sign up here for a 30-day free trial.

CoSchedule - The #1 Marketing Calendar

Did you find this CoSchedule review helpful?

What is the most challenging part of scheduling social media and blog content for you?

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