How To Loop Pins On Pinterest Using SmartLoop To Grow Your Blog

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How To Loop Pins On Pinterest – Learn how to loop pins on Pinterest to automate your Pinterest marketing the easy way! This saves so much time each week and grows your blog traffic.


How To Loop Pins On Pinterest

Would you love to increase your Pinterest traffic without it taking up a lot of your time?

I get it, manually pinning on Pinterest can take up a lot of time when you’re a blogger. It isn’t easy to keep up with sending out your popular content to your top boards regularly.

But it’s so much easier to manage your Pinterest content now that Tailwind has introduced its SmartLoop!

SmartLoop is a new feature that lets you automate your Pinterest strategy so you are always keeping your best content and seasonal content pinning to your boards.

If you’re like me, you are really busy. I’m a mom of 6 awesome kids, we homeschool and I help to run our homestead business along with running multiple blogs.

This means I rely on great tools to help me grow my blogs in the limited time I have to be online. It’s all about working smarter, not harder as an entrepreneur!

Pinterest is one of my top sources of traffic and I just couldn’t do it without using Tailwind as a Pinterest scheduler to automate my Pinterest marketing strategy.

How To Use SmartLoop To Automate Your Pinterest Marketing

I’ve used Tailwind for years to schedule new pins from my blogs and other peoples blogs to keep my content fresh. But I had been using Boardbooster to loop my older content so that it would keep being sent out to my personal and group boards.

Unfortunately, Boardbooster shut down earlier this summer and it left a lot of bloggers not knowing how to loop their pins automatically.

Before Pinterest came out with the SmartLoop I had been using board lists to spread out my pins and keeping track of them in a spreadsheet. But I have to tell you that SmartLoop is so much easier to use!


Setting Up Tailwind SmartLoop

When you start a new SmartLoop you first chose if you want it to be an evergreen or seasonal campaign.

Pick evergreen if your content is something your readers would love to read any day of the year. Things like easy recipes, craft projects, or home organizing tips.

Use seasonal for you got it, seasonal content! You can set up loops for Christmas posts, Thanksgiving posts, Easter posts etc. and set a start and stop date for each seasonal loop.

I’m currently using a seasonal loop for my Christmas recipes. I have it set to stop sharing content a few days after Christmas. I love how this works!

Create A SmartLoop Tailwind

The next step after selecting the type of loop you’re going to make is to name it.

It’s a good idea to pick something that is easy to remember.

I’m using names like:

  • Spring Gardening
  • Summer Gardening
  • Fall Gardening

Adding Boards To Your SmartLoop

The next step is to add the Pinterest boards to your SmartLoop that your pins will be shared too. You can add them one at a time or select one of your board lists.

You can easily remove a board by clicking the “x” on its tag if it doesn’t quite fit with the topic of your loop.

Adding Pins To Your Pinterest Loop

Now it’s time to select which pins you want to add to you your SmartLoop. You can find your content in a few ways.

SmartLoop Adding Your Pins

1. Your Most Popular Pinterest Content

If you leave the filter by board box unchanged and select the “Most Popular” button Tailwind will show all of your most popular pins on Pinterest.

You can simply click on the pins you want to add to your loop.

2. By Board

This is a great way to pick out pins if you have a topic board that you want to share pins from, like a gardening board or a parenting board.

If you have a best of board for your blog this is also a great way to pick out loop content. You can sort it by popular posts or newest post to add new content later.

You can also filter pins by ones that come from your blog or any pins you have done. I only use the SmartLoop for pins from my own blog.

To add pins to your loop simply click on the pins you want to use. This selects them and puts a blue border around it to show that it’s been selected.

After selecting all the pins you want to use, click on the “Next: Set Up Schedule” button.

Setting Up Your Tailwind SmartLoop Schedule

Now that your pins are all selected it’s time to set up your looping schedule for Pinterest.

If you picked an evergreen loop type then you will be asked to select if this is core content or niche content. The difference here is how many times Tailwind will try to schedule each pin.

For core content, it will default to twice a week, for niche content it will default to once a week.

This is helpful to use if you have topics that you write about but not often enough to have hundreds of posts to share.

The next choice is to edit your SmartLoop schedule. You can use their defaults or select how many times per day you want pins from this loop to be shared and how many days to wait before sharing the same pin to a different board.

It will give you an estimated time that it will take to go through all of the pins.

Once you are happy with the settings click on “Create Loop”.

Setting Up Board Rules For Looping

Many group boards on Pinterest have rules for how often you can pin content to that board. Using Tailwind’s board rules makes it easy to make sure your not breaking rules and spamming group boards.

The board rule screen will display right after you have set up a new loop but you can also find it on your SmartLoop screen. Just click the blue button that says “Board Rules”. Then click on “Add Board Rule”.

SmartLoop Board Rules

In the drop-down menu select the board you would like to make a rule for and it will be added to your list.

It defaults to 1 pin a day, but you can easily change this setting it more often for fast moving group boards and less often for smaller ones.

You’re done! Your first SmartLoop is now all setup up and ready to work for you while you go and do something else. Isn’t that great?

How To Add New Pins To Your Tailwind SmartLoop

After you have followed these steps to set up a looping system for Pinterest you might be wondering how to add new pins to it.

It’s easy!

Looping New Pins On Pinterest

When you go to share a pin with the Tailwind Chrome extension just look under the “Add to Tribes” button and you will see a new one called “Add to SmartLoop”. Click on that button and then you select any of the loops that you want to add the new pin into.

You can also add pins to the SmartLoop right in your Tailwind schedule dashboard.

How Much Does Tailwind SmartLoop Cost?

I know the cost of our blogging tools is really important to us!

Thankfully Tailwind and their features are well priced for the value I get back from them.

I use the Tailwind Plus Plan for my blogs, this is $15 per month or $119.88 if you pay yearly. But you can try out Tailwind by scheduling 100 posts for FREE before buying.

The Plus Plan includes 250 looped pins for free! This means you can start looping your best pins to your best boards at no extra cost.

If you love the looping feature for Pinterest you can upgrade your SmartLoop to get a higher pin limit.

I’ve already done this and I’m loving the time it saves me!

If you’re not already using Tailwind, sign up for a free trial today. Then look in your sidebar for the SmartLoop menu and apply to join the beta program.

250 looped pins are included in your Plus plan but if you buy a “power” for more looped pins during the beta phase you get 50% off the SmartLoop pricing!


How To Use Tailwinds SmartLoop

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