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Tower Gardening For Beginners – What’s The Best Way For You?

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Tower gardening is an easy way to grow a lot of food even if you are a total beginner. You can grow with soil or using aeroponics and hydroponics indoors or outdoors making this vertical gardening method very flexible and perfect for anyone to use.

Do you want to grow a lot of food in a small space? Then you really need to try tower gardening!

This easy gardening method is perfect even if you only have a small yard or balcony.

Back when we lived in an apartment I would have loved to have a setup like this. Yes I grew a lot in containers but with vertical towers I could have grown a lot more food in less space then putting pots all over my small deck.

Are Tower Gardens Right For You? text overlaid on a basket of fresh vegetables.

What Is Tower Gardening?

A tower garden is simply vertical gardening but it grows plants using vertical columns. There are two different types of tower gardens this that use soil and those that grow aeroponically. This means that you grow food using only water and air.

Because of their design, you can grow a lot of food in a small space vertically. You can keep your tower garden on a rooftop, balcony, or patio all without having to deal with the mess or weight of bags of soil.

Tower gardens are easy to care for needing no weeding and can bring so much beauty to your sitting area outside.

Benefits Of Tower Gardening

Obviously one of the largest benefits of using a tower garden is that you can grow a lot of food in a very small space.

If you have ever grown a traditional garden then you will recognize that that isn’t the only upside to using a tower garden.

Because you are growing vertically you don’t have to get down on the ground as you do with a normal garden. This is so helpful if you have back, hip or knee problems that can make caring for your garden painful.

No weeds! When you are growing with a tower garden you don’t have to worry about weeds as much.

Yes, it is possible for the odd weed seed to blow into your vertical garden but you will find there are much fewer weeds than with a traditional garden.

Garden towers often have fewer pest problems then gardens grown on the ground too. It’s harder for many pests to get at the plants and the vegetables are being cared for very well so they are healthy and not sending out signals for pest to move in.

With vertical gardening, you have almost no expense for tools needed to keep your garden in shape. You don’t need a tiller, mulch, shovels, etc. Once you have bought the tower there is little expense after that.

Plants can grow faster too! Food grown aeroponically often grows faster than when it’s grown in the soil. This means you don’t need to wait as long to start harvesting.

How Does Tower Gardening Work?

How your tower garden works will depend on what type you decide to use.

Soil Based Tower Gardens

Garden Tower® 2: 50-Plant Composting Container Garden

Tower garden containers that use soil are my favorite to use. Overall I find they need much less work then aeroponic gardens and don’t need electricity to run.

Tower gardens like this one are made from a large plastic column attached to a base that allows it to easily turn for planting and harvesting.

The outside of the column is filled with planting pots that you fill with a good quality potting mix. While the center is a built-in vermicompost center.

You simply add your kitchen waste to the composting column and add some red worms. They work to break down your food waste into food for your plants.

The composting column is filled with small holes to allow the worms to move throughout the entire planter adding nutrition to the potting mix.

This also lets the plant roots grow throughout the potting mix and into the compost column.

You water from the top as needed and this moves the nutrients down throughout the planter.

On the bottom is a container that collects the liquid from the compost so that you can pour it back on top of your plants to fertilize them using this free byproduct.

Garden towers that use soil are best if you want an all in container garden that just needs a little watering each week. With no electricity needed the costs to keep and maintain this garden system are minimal.

Click below to learn more about the Garden Tower.

Aeroponic Tower Gardens

Vertical Hydroponic Tower - Aerospring Herb & Vegetable Garden - 27 Plant Grow SystemVertical Hydroponic Tower – Aerospring Herb & Vegetable Garden – 27 Plant Grow SystemVertical Hydroponic Tower - Aerospring Herb & Vegetable Garden - 27 Plant Grow System


Aeroponic tower gardens are made from a large plastic column that has net pots placed throughout it. A pump keeps the water moving over the roots of the plants while they grow.

They also have a reservoir that holds liquid fertilizer to make sure the plants are being fed consistently.

After you have put your garden tower together you can transplant the seedlings into the hydroponic net pots.

After that, the garden will need some simple upkeep. You will want to keep the pump filter clean, test the PH of the water and keep on any pest or weeds as you notice them, although this doesn’t happen much.

With just a little care you will have fresh organic produce just a few steps from your door!

Aeroponic garden containers are best for people who want to use a soilless growing method.

They do need to have nutrients added regularly to feed the plants and electricity to keep the pumps running to circulate the water. Many also have light attachments so that you can grow food indoors too.

What Can You Grow In A Tower Garden?

You might be thinking that tower gardens would be limiting in what you can grow in them. But they really aren’t!

The good news is that you can grow a wide variety of vegetables, herbs, and flowers in a small space using a tower garden.


You can grow lettuce, spinach, peas, broccoli, cauliflower, cucumbers and even tomatoes in a tower garden and much more.


Strawberries are the perfect fruit to grow in your tower garden and you will love having this sweet treat close to home.


You can grow almost any herb using this method and always have the fresh flavor of herbs on hand. Some of the herbs you can grow are basil, chives, cumin, cilantro, dill, oregano, parsley, sage, and thyme.


Don’t be afraid to add flowers to your garden either! Marigolds, pansies, and salvia are all great choices. Why not try growing edible flowers like nasturtiums and pansies to dress up your salads?

How Does Food Grown In A Tower Garden Taste?

Any food you grow at home and care for properly will taste amazing! When you buy produce fro a grocery store was picked days, weeks or even months before you bought it.

Often food is harvested before it’s fully ripe because it’s easier to transport under-ripe produces as it’s more firm. But with this comes a big sacrifice of taste.

When you grow your own food at home you can pick it when it’s fully ripe and even minutes before you are going to eat.

You’ll find homegrown food tastes sweeter, juicer and just plan better than most store-bought produce.

Is A Plastic Tower Garden Safe?

There are so many worries today over plastic being safe to use. Many plastics can leach chemicals when they become warm.

Of course, you want to make sure your food is safe to eat. The good news is that the plastic in tower gardens are usually treated with a UV protector that keeps the plastic from breaking down.

Always remember to check the model you’re buying to make sure it’s made from UV stable plastic like this one.

Tower Gardening Is Perfect for Schools And Urban Growers

Sadly today, there are so many children who have no idea where their food really comes from.

There is such a disconnect between today’s generation and the land. Many children are being raised in small urban areas where there just isn’t room for traditional gardens.

But using vertical gardening really can change this! Keeping a tower garden on your deck gives your child the chance to start vegetables from seed, help them grow and taste what real fresh food really is.

Tower gardens are also perfect for schools to start a gardening program to teach kids a simple way of growing fresh food with minimal upkeep.

Don’t let living in a small space hold you back from starting a garden. Try this easy method of vertical gardening to grow fresh food just a few feet from your door.

Garden Tower Project

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