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DIY Twig Christmas Trees (An Almost Free Craft Idea)

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You’ll love these easy DIY twig Christmas trees! These simple, rustic branch trees are a perfect budget-friendly craft idea and look so pretty as part of your mantel or table centerpiece display. Once you see how to make Christmas trees out of twigs you’ll always be looking for branches in your yard to make fun holiday projects with.

I’ve been having so much fun making lots of new Christmas decorations using natural materials from our homestead and simple craft supplies that I already have on hand.

If you are looking for a way to stretch your Christmas decor budget then decorating with homemade ornaments is a perfect way to do that!

These rustic twig Christmas trees look so cute on our mantel and cost me nothing to make other than a little bit of glue.

Easy DIY Twig Christmas Trees text overlaid on a photo of 3 twig Christmas trees decorated with stars and bows.

But even if you needed to buy some small items to decorate these trees with it would only cost you a few dollars at a dollar store.

DIY Twig Christmas Trees


Step 1. Gather Your Sticks

Before you get started you’ll need to gather up some sticks and twigs.

Take a look around your yard for branches that have fallen that you can easily use. If you can’t find any then you can simply prune a little off your one of your trees or shrubs.

You’ll want a branch that is about 1 1/2 to 2 inches wide for the base and then some narrow twigs for the stem and tree branches.

Step 2. Make A Template

While you can just start cutting the branches up and making a tree shape I find it so much easier if you make a simple triangle pattern to work off of first.

Cut the stick that you want to use as the tree trunk first.

I wanted to make 3 twig trees with 1 of them being taller than the others. So I cut 2 sticks at 6 inches in length and another one at 9 inches in length.

For the 6 inch tall one I placed it onto a piece of paper and along the bottom drew a line that was 4 1/2 inches long, making sure the tree trunk was centered.

Then from the top point draw a line down each side to form a triangle. This I now makes the perfect guideline to cut the twigs to so each one is just a little smaller than the previous twig.

Step 3. Cut The Branches

If you have trouble with the stick you are using for the trunk rolling around then just secure the end with a small piece of painters tape.

Center stick laid in the middle of the template with 2 stick branches glued on.
Base template for a twig tree.

Next, cut a twig so that it fits just between the bottom lines. Place a small dab of hot glue onto the trunk and hold the twig in place until it has dried.

Gluing the branches onto a twig tree to complete the shape.
Gluing the branches onto a twig tree.

Repeat this step cutting each twig to size as you move up the tree.

Step 4. Add The Base

Small round branch with a hole drilled in the center next to it is the twig tree ready to be glued in.
Add a base so the twig tree can stand up.

Take a small section of your tree branch about 1 1/2 to 2 inches wide and drill a shallow hole in the center just large enough for the tree trunk branch to fit inside.

Add a little hot glue to the hole and place the tree inside, holding it until the glue has set.

Step 5. Decorate

Completed easy homemade twig Christmas tree with a silver star on top.
Easy homemade twig Christmas tree.

Now it’s time to decorate your twig Christmas tree! Yes, they are super cute just left as is too but I like to dress them up a little.

I wanted to place a star on the top of each tree but I didn’t have any small wooden stars on hand. I really wanted to keep this craft idea as budget-friendly as possible and use what I already hand on hand.

So I went looking through my supplies and found these cute star-shaped paper brads in gold and silver.

I added a dab of hot glue to the tops of the trees and placed the brad pegs onto the glue so that the star looked like it sat on the front of the tree.

Set of 3 small twig trees for centerpieces decorated with a red bow and stars with greenery around the base.

I think they look so cute!

You can add any tiny ornaments or bows that you like to dress up your rustic trees. For the larger one, I added a small red bow to the center and love how the little pop of color makes it stand out.

Have fun making these easy twig Christmas trees and tucking them around your home. I think they look super cute on our mantle but they also make great decorations for a side table or centerpiece.

DIY Twig Christmas Trees

DIY Twig Christmas Trees

Easy DIY twig Christmas trees you’ll love! These simple, rustic branch trees are a perfect budget-friendly craft idea and look so pretty as part of your mantel or table centerpiece. Once you see how to make Christmas trees out of twigs you’ll always be looking for branches in your yard to make fun holiday projects with.

Active Time 20 minutes
Total Time 20 minutes
Difficulty Easy




    1. Gather the sticks and twigs that you will use to make your trees.
    2. Optionally before you start gluing branches onto your tree make a template to help keep the edges even. For the smaller tree cut a branch 6 inches long and place it onto a piece of paper. Draw a line 4.5 inches long across the bottom making sure the branch for the tree trunk is centered. Place a mark at the top, then using a ruler join the ends to form a triangle.
    3. With the trunk centered, hold a smaller twig across the template to see where you need to make the cut.
      Glue the twig branch across the trunk using a dot of hot glue. Continue cutting branches to fit as you work up the tree trunk.
    4. To make the base take a 1.5 to 2 inch wide section of a tree branch and cut it to be about 1 inch tall.
    5. Then drill a shallow whole in the center just big enough to fit the trunk into.
    6. Add a little hot glue into the hole and place the tree inside, holding it until the glue has set.
    7. If desired add some decorations to your tree. I love to use small star shaped brads on the top and little red bows in the middle.


You can make these twig trees to be any size you like. My favorite sizes for table top decorations are 6 and 9 inch stems on a 1 inch base.

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