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How To Make A Wooden Scarecrow Face (With Printable Template!)

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These wooden scarecrow faces are so cute! If you are looking for an easy to make fall craft then you’ll love these easy wooden scarecrows that can be made from simple 1×4 boards or pallets. I’ve also included a printable face template to make it even easier for you to get started.

Of all the seasons’ fall has always been my favorite one. I just love the sight of the bright fall colors and the crisp air.

One of the fall decorations that I’ve always loved are scarecrows.

Maybe it’s because I’m a gardener who knows all too well what birds like to do to your garden, or maybe it’s from all the funny scarecrow cartoons I watched as a young child.

Easy to make wooden scarecrows text overlaid on a photo of 2 cute wooden scarecrow faces sitting againts a fence.

Either way, I love to use scarecrows to decorate our home and garden within the fall! If you do too, then you are going to love how easy this scarecrow craft is to make.

You can use any color scheme that matches your decor from bright blues and reds to soft moss green, to shades of tan if your decor is more of a farmhouse neutral style.

Need a cute wooden scarecrow and don’t have time to make one? You can find lots of cute ones here!

Easy DIY Wooden Scarecrow Face

These adorable scarecrows are so easy to make and pretty quick too! The longest part is waiting for the paint to dry in between coats.

But they are easy enough that we can make up batches of these each day for decorating our home and selling at the market.

We normally make these scarecrow faces using 1×6 boards because we find it’s just simpler to buy what we need.

Most of the pallets in our area use narrower boards but if you have some wide board pallets then go right ahead and use them. That would make this craft almost free.


Step 1. Cut And Sand The Wood

Cut the 1×6 to 31 inches in length and sand the edges smooth. Then cut out the hat brim 12 inches in length from the 1×4 size and sand.

Step 2. Measure The Hat Placement

Tracing the line for the hat brim.
Measure where you want the hat brim to go.

Place the hat brim piece over the scarecrow face and adjust it until you like the placement. Sometimes we make them with a straight brimmed hat and sometimes on a slant.

Draw a line to mark where the bottom of the brim will be attached later.

Step 3. Stain The Face

Next, it’s time to stain the longer end of the 1×4 that will become the scarecrow’s face.

I like to use walnut stain because it’s just dark enough that it makes the painted face stand out well but you can still see the wood grain.

Staining the face of the scarecrow.
Stain the face side of the scarecrow using your favorite color.

Using a foam brush, apply the stain to the face area remembering to also do the sides and bottom edge.

Rubbing off excess stain.
Rub off excess stain until you are happy with the shade.

Then take a rag and wipe off the stain until you get the color you like. Set it aside to dry.

Step 4. Paint The Hat

Painting the hat with chalk paint.
Paint the hat with your choice of color.

After deciding what color you would like to use for the hat, paint the top part of the 1×4 from the edge of the stain up to the top. Remember to also paint the side edges and the top.

Paint the hat brim board to match and set aside until dry.

Step 5. Draw Or Trace The Scarecrow Face Make It Cute!

Once the scarecrow has finished drying it’s time to start drawing on the face.

You can simply freehand a face but faces are something I’m really not good a drawing by hand. So I created a face pattern in Illustrator that I could print off and use over and over again.

Tracing the eye shape.
Either freehand draw a face or use a template to trace one.

Center your face template on the board and trace the edges of the eyes, nose and mouth starting points.

Trace the mouth shape using the edge of a can.
To make an easy smiling face trace the edge of a tomato sauce can.

I like to use a different mouth shape on each scarecrow. One very easy way to do this is to take a large tomato sauce can and line it up to edges of the mouth and then trace the curved line.

Step 6. Paint The Scarecrow Face

Painting the eyes with white chalk paint.

Using the white chalk paint, start painting in the eyes. It may take 2 to 3 coats of paint. Remember to let them fully dry before starting the next coat.

Once the white of the eye looks good fill in the purple with the black chalk paint.

Next paint the nose, you can use any color you like but orange, yellow or red colors are my favorites! Often I’ll match the nose color to the hat too.

Scarecrow face painting completed.
Painted scarecrow face finished.

After the eyes and nose have fully dried use a paint pen to trace around the edges and draw on the mouth shape.

Step 7. Seal The Wood If Using Outdoors

Allow the paint to fully dry and then spray all the wooden parts with a polyurethane sealer.

This is an optional step if you are only displaying your cute scarecrows indoors but a must if you want to display them outside where they can pick up some moisture.

It also makes it easier to wipe off at some point if needed.

Step 8. Make The Hair

After the polyurethane has dried it’s time to get back to decorating your scarecrow. I like to add raffia under the hat brim it looks like really cute hair!

Add lines for gluing the hair on.
Trace the edges of the hat brim to make it easy to add hair.

The simplest way is to line the hat brim up again on the scarecrow face and trace the edges were it meats the facepiece. It is between these lines that you will glue on the raffia.

Gluing raffia on the back of the hat brim for the scarecrows hair.
Glue your choice of hair between the lines you traced. Raffia works well! Just don’t use too much or it gets harder to attach the hat to the scarecrow face.

Cut a handful of raffia into lengths about 3 inches long. Place a small amount of hot glue on the back of the hat brim and press down some raffia being careful not to burn yourself.

I often use a craft stick (popsicle stick) to hold it down instead of my hands.

Continue gluing down the raffia along the hat in small bunches until you have covered the area where you want the hair.

Adding layer of hot glue over the raffia to secure it.
Add a thin layer of hot glue over the raffia to secure it.

For extra strength make a thin line of hot glue over the top of the raffia to help hold it in place.

Step 9. Attach The Hat Brim

Screwing the hat brim onto the scarecrow face.

Once the hot glue is dry, line up the hat brim on the face and screw the two pieces together.

Trim the scarecrows hair until it’s the way you like.

Step 10. Decorate The Hat With Flowers Or Bows

Next, I like to add some decoration to the hat. There are so many fun ways you can do this. One of my favourite is to glue on some fall colored leaves and flowers.

Gluing flowers and leaves onto the hat.
Add some decoration to the hat using your favorite fall flowers.

I bought a huge package of fall craft leaves and also picked up these cute yellow flowers at the dollar store.

Try a few different layouts before you start gluing down the leaves and flowers, believe me, it’s so much easier to get it right first than to try and fix it later!

Once I have them set the way I like, I lift the flowers off and set them aside and carefully lift up the edges of the leaves. Place some hot glue under them and press it down for a few seconds.

Remember to use a craft stick or something to hold the leaves down as the hot glue can be felt right through them!

Then apply a good covering of hot glue around the base of the flower and press them down until they have set.

Step 11. Add A Burlap And Raffia Collar

At this point, you can be finished with your scarecrow face but I love to add some decoration to the bottom too.

Placing burlap ribbon around the base of the scarecrow.
Make a guideline to glue down some raffia

Take some wide burlap ribbon and hold it on the bottom, once it’s where you like it, make a line about 1/2 and inch to 1 inch down from the top edge.

Hot gluing raffia on the base of the scarecrow.
Glue down a little raffia so that it will look like it pops out of the burlap ribbon.

Just like you did for the hair, cut some lengths of raffia and glue them down along this line.

Hot gluing the burlap ribbon down.

Then place the burlap ribbon back over top and apply hot glue down over it pressing firmly so that it goes through to the wood and raffia under the ribbon.

Hot gluing the back of the burlap ribbon closed.
Compleated burlap ribbon decoration.

Once it’s dry, turn the scarecrow over and glue down the edge of the ribbon on the back. Wrap it around before finally gluing the second layer down on the back as well.

Trim the raffia as needed and you’re done!

Set of 5 super cute wooden scarecrow faces decorated for fall and set along a fence.
Super cute wooden scarecrow faces that look so cute on your front porch in your garden.

You now have a super cute scarecrow decoration to display on your porch. See making your own wooden scarecrow face was really easy!

Signup below for a printable scarecrow face template.

Yield: 1

How To Make A Wooden Scarecrow Face

Easy Wood Scarecrow Face

These wooden scarecrow faces are so cute and easy to make! You’ll love making lots of these adorable scarecrows to add to your front porch fall decor. Make them out of pallet boards or inexpensive 1x6 and 1x4.

Prep Time 15 minutes
Active Time 45 minutes
Additional Time 1 hour
Total Time 2 hours
Difficulty Easy
Estimated Cost 3.00


    1. Cut a length of 1x6 to 31 inches long and a length of 1x4 to 12 inches long and sand smooth.
    2. Place the smaller hat brim piece on top of the 1x6 board where you would like the hat to sit. It can be straight across or on a slant. Draw a line across the face board to mark where the brim will be attached later.
    3. Using a walnut stain or your desired color stain the face side of the 1x6 board. Using a rag rub off the excess stain until you have the color you like. Set it aside to dry.
    4. Next, paint the hat side of the face board using your color choice of chalk paint. Also, paint the hat brim board to match.
    5. Draw or trace on the face of your scarecrow.
    6. Paint in the scarecrow face using chalk paint. You may need 2 to 3 coats of paint, make sure to let the paint fully dry between coats.
    7. When the face is complete trace around the outside of the eyes and nose with a black paint marker. Then draw on the mouth.
    8. Allow the paint to fully dry and then spray with a polyurethane sealer. Set aside too dry.
    9. Line up the hat brim along the face board and mark the edges. Then turn the brim over and glue raffia in-between the markings. If needed run a thin bead of hot glue overtop of the raffia to secure it.
    10. Line up the hat brim with the line on the face board and screw together.
    11. If desired decorate the hat by hot gluing on some fabric fall flowers and leaves.
    12. If you would like to add some more decoration to the scarecrow adding a burlap collar is really easy!
    13. Take some wide burlap ribbon and place it on the bottom of the scarecrow. Make a line just below the top as a guideline and glue lengths of raffia along this.
    14. After the raffia has dried glue on the burlap ribbon.

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